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Cannon SOF UAS Facility

This is a two-story, 42,462 sf building which combines a Squadron Operations Facility and Aircraft Maintenance Unit. This sprinkler-equipped facility has a reinforced concrete foundation and utilizes a steel frame with structural masonry wall assembly, split-face masonry veneer and standing seam metal roof, hydraulic elevator, and a balcony on the second floor for employee use. A comprehensive interior design plan was required and executed to include wall and window finishes, furniture and fixtures, flooring and tile, and specialty finishes. The Squadron Operations portion of the facility contains spaces for flight planning, secure air crew briefing and debriefing, training and administrative areas, storage and issue of flight crew life support system equipment, and dedicated locker rooms and shower areas. The AMU is the flightline maintenance area providing space for maintenance, a tool crib mezzanine, equipment issue area, classified vault, equipment storage and the administrative areas necessary to support the mission of the Squadron and the F-35 aircraft.

The facility has intrusion detection systems (IDS), connection to the base-wide energy monitoring and control system (EMCS), and building information systems. Supporting facilities include all utility services, site lighting, fire protection and alarm systems, and lightning protection. Sustainable Design and development (SDD) and Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct05) features were incorporated into the building to include an integrated photovoltaic canopy system to provide sun shading and generate electricity to reduce energy costs. The landscape design incorporates water conservation measures with the use of drought tolerant plants, rock and gravel. This facility complies with DoD Antiterrorism/Force protection measures that include Special Access Program Facility (SAPF) security specifications and site parking includes vehicle barrier systems.

In keeping with the government's emphasis on Green Construction, this facility was built to LEED Silver certification.

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